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Address or ICR anyone?

Hello - I have a full Slam for Mia in Denver - is anyone a ICR or does anyone knows her valid address?
Thank you!

Questions about Bali in Australia

Hello everybody,

I have a question about Bali in Australia and whether she has totally stopped swapping slams or not... I have heard some rumours about her quitting slams and not even wanting her full ones returned to her, but I would like to double check this: is there anybody who used to be her swapper who can confirm? I'm coming across several slams made for her and some would need to be returned, so I want to be sure they are going back to the right person!

Thanks in advance!

excess slams for free

 Seems i always have too many slams at home. Must have something to do with the large amount i make myself, heh. Anyway, right now i have 5 kilos of signed slams (and a similar amount i still have to sign) so again i'm having to get rid of a bunch. Only in Europe this time though, overseas shipping is really insanely expensive. So i'm giving away 250 gram packages of slams, i don't need anything in return. Who's interested? I have about 20 packages to give away :D

A sad question....

As some of you already know, the Danish swapper Catharina Hermansen passed away some days ago.... :( This was of course really sad and unexpected news and I give my condolances to all of you who used to swap with her and/or knew her more than just through booklets (which is my only knowledge of her)....

Now, although this may seem like a very trivial question considering the tragic situation, I have realized I do have quite a few slams at home made for Catharina, most are actually made for and by her. So I wonder: what to do with these booklets?
I feel bad at throwing them away: they are just booklets, but it feels wrong to just trash something which was done with time and passion of somebody who is not among us anymore. What would you think about changing the owener of the slams? So at least somebody would still be able to appreciate Catharina's booklets... Or would it be morbid?  I really don't know what to do.

I remember years ago when a swapper in Belgium died a tragic death and other than the "RIP" on her labels, I can't recall how the situation was handled....
So some input from you all would be much appreciated. Thanks.

May Catharina rest in peace.

Full slams for Claire


I have a couple of full slams made for Claire Schagerl in Canada which I would need to return. However, the address on them is now outdated, and I have not been able to contact Claire to ask for her current addy. Does anybody here know whether she'd like her full slams back and what's her address?
Thanks in advance!

brand new slams

two facts:
1. I've been on a slammaking binge for, eh, months, and have discovered that i have piled up 1,5 kilos of new slams! 
2. I LOVE signing new slams, they're my favourites. Or at least, relatively new slams with only 1 or 2 signers before me

Now, i've been trying to send off my new slams gradually but don't want to fill up swaps with my new stuff too much or else the established slams will fall behind. Slambase helps a bit with getting them off my hands, but I need more extreme measures, heh. So, my idea is to have extra 1x swaps to get rid of them and send them off in the world of slams, it's time for them to fly out. And my question is: which of you is interested in a package filled with only new slams from me, and can match that with either
1. new slams by their hand (or relatively new with only 1/2 signers)
2. stationery
There must be more people out there as fanatic as i am, heehee! I can send up to 250 grams in europe and 100 grams outside europe. 
Oh, and if any slambase-queens are reading this, is it ok if i post this request there if i don't get much respons here?

Full slams to be returned

Hi everybody,

I have got a few full slams here which would need to be returned to their owners. However, since most of them are pretty ancient, before sending them away and risking wasting a lot of money on postage to likley outdated addresses, I'd like to check if anybody here knows these people and could confirm their addresses:
  • Kirana Wayne in UK
  • Rosie Renhuvud in Kiruna, Sweden
  • Morena Di Cappello, Italy
  • Brianna in IN, USA

Of course these slams are so old that no email address is mentioned on them and I couldn't even locate these people of FaceBook...So any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

manuela cantarelli

hello everyone,
i have a full slam for manuela...what i know, she has stopped swapping, is that true? does she wants her full booklets back?
thank's for your help

Sarah Bourdelais,USA

Does anyone know the current address for Sarah Bourdelais in USA?

Address Help needed!

Hey everyone - I have a full Slam for Liz / USA - does anyone knows her full address?
Thank you a lot!